The Role of a School Nurse

  • Each Greece Central school has a health office that is staffed by a licensed nurse. The role of the school nurse has evolved throughout the years.  School Nurses monitor the health status and identify and address unmet needs of students. The services provided through the Health Office are defined by the National Association of School Nurses as well as the New York State Department of Public Health. The following are services provided by the school nurses in the Greece Central School District:

     Provides direct health care to students and staff

    • Illness assessment and care
    • Triage, injury treatment and prevention
    • Management of chronic conditions
    • Administration of medications

    Provides leadership for the provision of health services

    • Health expert within the school
    • Assures that the health needs are met for all students
    • Individualized health care planning and case management for students with special health care needs
    • Crisis team member

    Provides screening and referral for health conditions

    • Hearing and vision screening
    • Postural screening
    • Height, weight and BMI measurements

    Promotes a healthy school environment

    • Management of school records
    • Immunizations
    • Physical examinations
    • Communicable disease prevention and control
    • Environmental health and safety

    Promotes health

    • Health counseling and health promotion

    Serves in a leadership role for health policies and promotion

    • Develops school health policies/protocols to reflect the current delivery of care to students
    • Member of the Health Advisory Committee

    Serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers

    • Facilitates access to health care services and insurances
    • Intercommunication between students, parents, school community and health care provider