Administrative Leaders for Student Learning

Photo of Assistant Superintendent Valerie Paine
  • Valerie Paine oversees all Greece elementary schools and is the Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Family & Community Engagement. Her department provides leadership in the programs and services which support the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional development of all students. In addition, she provides leadership to the elementary schools and her department supports family & community engagement, including community schools.

Picture of Kathy Colicchio
  • Kathryn Colicchio oversees all Greece secondary schools and is the Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Accountability. This department provides support to schools and administrators in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data in order to identify and implement educationally effective strategies, techniques and programs. Much of this work is accomplished by providing the scanning, scoring, analysis and reporting for a multitude of locally developed and state-mandated assessments.

Picture of Assistant Superintendent Mike Zaffuts
  • Michael Zaffuts oversees a variety of areas as the Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Educational Services. His department includes the Office of Pupil Personnel Services and the Student and Family Advocacy and Support Team, as well as Phoenix Academy (the district’s alternative school), and the Professional Learning Center. This department provides support to students and families and in the pursuit of equity and access for all.