• Please refer to the below documents: Work Permit Instructions, Permit Application, and Physical Fitness Certification.  

    • Parents/guardians or students may either pick up these documents at the Odyssey Academy security station located just inside Door #5 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. OR you can print them from home.  

    • Students and parents/guardians must then complete Part 1 of the Permit Application Form and have their physician complete the Physical Fitness Form, then email scanned copies of both completed forms to:
            Arcadia:  lauramarie.ocasio@greececsd.org
            Athena:   debra.bauer@greececsd.org
            Odyssey:  peggy.drexler@greececsd.org
            Olympia:  Sabha.Ashkar@greececsd.org
    • If the certifying officer needs any additional documentation, the student will be contacted.

    • Once all the documentation is provided and verified, the certifying officer will complete the working permit and mail it to the student’s home address. The student should sign the card upon receipt. The requirement that the minor sign the card in the presence of the certificating officer was temporarily waived by New York State for the duration of COVID-19 school closures. 

Work Permit Forms