• Welcome to the district’s new and distinctive before and after-school child care offering for our K-5 children and their families! The reinvented KidsCare program is committed to developing settings that support the social-emotional, creative, and collaborative intelligence of the child. Through a child-driven and interest-based approach to recreational programming, it is our mission to highlight and develop each child’s innate strengths and talents. This program serves as the ideal complement to your child’s daily academic experiences as we strive as a district to support the whole child, the needs of our families, and the development of an inclusive, joyful, and close-knit community.

  • Program Focus Areas

    heartSocial and Emotional Competence
    This is the heart and soul of our program. Activities in this domain relate to identity development, self-concept, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, self-care, mindfulness, interactions with peers, friendship development, conflict resolution, empathy, character development, citizenship, and more.

    paint and brushCreative Expression and the Arts
    Activities in this domain should be considered provocations to explore artistic mediums including drawing, painting, writing, performing, singing, dancing, acting, etc. We think about the "fine arts" and challenge the children to express their creativtiy using new and exciting mediums. For instance, students will be given pencils or colored pencils, pastels, charcoal or fine tip markers and use thier imaginations to create.

    Physical Activity and Movement
    Let’s face it, most children love to move! They are also actively exploring their physical abilities, social connections with peers, and cognitive understandings relating to games and rules. Activities in this domain offer children opportunities to challenge themselves in 
    both structured and unstructured ways. With access to the school gymnasiums, playgrounds, and multi-purpose rooms we are definitely going to keep their bodies moving.

    Natural Wonder/Ecological Connections
    Children tend to have an innate connection to the natural world. It is the goal of KidsCare to deepen this connection through activities that broaden the children's understanding of our natural enviornments. Activities in this domain could include leaf rubbings, bird watching, cloud observation, gardening/planting, and anything else that the children are responding to while outdoors.

    Community Connections/Culturally Relevant Topics of Interest 
    One way we work to increase engagement is to identify topics of interest that are meaningful and relevant to the children we work with through observation. We listen to the children and what they are telling us about who they are as human beings. We support thier investigations, research together and invite special guests to come in. Our program fosters curiosity and connecs with the larger community.