•  Food Allergies/Meal Modification Requests

    Food allergies and meal modifications are a very serious issue for children and their families. The United States Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program recognizes the importance of following medical directives for both food allergies and meal modifications.

    Meal modifications are implemented based upon medical assessments and treatment planning and must be ordered by a recognized medical authority. Schools cannot make food substitutions, alter the student’s diet or make modifications without proper documentation from the healthcare provider. An annual medical script is required for each child describing its allergy, diet recommendations or other modification requests. A recognized medical professional signature is required on this document. This documentation is required each year.

    SUBMIT THIS MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION to your child’s school administrator or nurse at least one week prior to the start of each new school year, or throughout the school year when changes occur. The Food Service Department will work directly with the family to create a menu that will address the student’s needs. If you have any questions, please contact the Food Service Department directly at (585) 966-2467. We want to ensure your child is safe and has a diet plan in place to ensure their safety.