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  • **Staff "Need to Know" Tech Notebook**


    • Employee accounts are active from the first day of employment until the last day of employment unless otherwise arranged through Human Resources.
    • How to Set Up Your New GCSD Email and Network Accounts
    • Non-GCSD Employees (student teachers, contractors, vendors, BOCES etc) must request a GCSD "Vendor Account" to access our computers and/or email.
      1. The vendor (not the GCSD supervisor) completes this online Non-Employee Account Request Form using a non-GCSD email account where the vendor account information will be sent after it is set up.
        1. The email address of the vendor's GCSD School Principal/Dept Manager is required when submitting the form.  Please make sure this is accurate or the form will not correctly.
        2. GCSD Vendor accounts can be used to access our copiers by typing in the username and password directly into the copier. As a convenience, vendors may also request a copier PIN in the "other" section of this form or by emailing
      2. Vendor account requests are created within 3 business days after approval and expire on June 30 or earlier based on need.  Extensions may be requested through your GCSD School Principal/Dept Manager as needed via email to the supervisor and

    Approved Websites/Software/Digital Resources with Personally Identifiable Information

    • New York State Education Law 2-d requires that any digital resource, free or paid, that collects personally identifiable information of students or staff to be approved by the district. These resources must be under a Third-party contract secured by the district or a BOCES acting on behalf of the district. Per GCSD Board of Education Policy 5671, employees are also not authorized to enter into "click-wrap" agreements with vendors without the district's approval. 
    • Digital Resource Request Process 

    • GCSD Parent's Bill of Rights

    District Instructional Technology Plan 2022-2025

    Every public school district in New York State is required to submit a plan identifying how they will...

    • develop a strategic vision and goals to support student achievement and engagement through the seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning;
    • provide technology-enhanced, culturally- and linguistically-responsive learning environments to support improved teaching and learning
    • increase equitable access to high-quality digital resources and standards-based, technology-rich learning experiences
    • design, implement, and sustain a robust, secure network to ensure sufficient, reliable, high-speed connectivity for learners, educators, and leaders; and
    • provide access to relevant and rigorous professional development to ensure educators and leaders are proficient in the integration of learning technologies.
  • Need Tech Help?

    For your convenience there are four ways to contact us.

    1. Email

    2. Enter your request at (use Network credentials)

    3. Call extension 2222

    4. Staff: Use to chat with "Tech Help".

    Technology Support Services


    Tom Mariano

    Executive Director of Technology, Communication, & Strategic Initiatives


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