Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a bus stop be changed?
    We will make every effort to address your request as soon as possible. We use the following criteria to prioritize requests: 

    • Health and safety concerns
    • To ensure every student has a bus assignment
    • To ensure that no buses are overloaded
    • To resolve bus arrival and departure time problems
    • To resolve long bus rides
    • To review and modify as appropriate bus stop locations.

    Requests for bus stop changes must be made in writing and can be faxed to (585) 581-8189 or mailed the Office of Student Transportation, 1790 Latta Road, Rochester, NY 14612.

    Why is my child’s bus late?
    Weather, traffic, maintenance difficulties and unforeseen incidents are generally responsible for delays in the arrival of a school bus in the morning and afternoon. Drivers check buses before their routes and sometimes find mechanical problems that can cause delays and require driving another bus for that day. Please know that we are doing everything possible to have all buses running on schedule every day.

    Why can’t the Dispatcher call when they know that the bus will be late?
    There may be more than 50 students on a bus. That would require at least 50 phone calls in a short time frame to parents who are quite possibly at the bus stop with their children. It is just not feasible to make phone calls, however please call 966-2550 and a dispatcher will be able to get the estimated arrival time for your student’s bus. Please know that there is a bus on the way.

    Why does my child have a seat assignment?
    Seat assignments are a positive way for the ride to be consistent and safe; this aids the driver with discipline. The drivers have the authority to assign seats as they deem necessary.

    Why can’t my child get off wherever they want in the afternoon?
    To avoid a multitude of potential problems, the driver requires a bus pass from the school to alter the destination of students. A driver cannot make the decision whether the student should be allowed to change their routine and get off with a friend or ride to an entirely different neighborhood. This must be the decision of the parent/guardian. This policy avoids confusion and the chance of students getting lost.

    Could the bus stop/time change?
    Possibly, as we receive new data daily on students we may change bus routes to accommodate new enrollments, changes of address, over loaded buses, and timing issues. Therefore, we expect that while bus stop locations will remain relatively constant, bus numbers and stop times may change whenever a route is adjusted.

    Is there a maximum time that a pupil may spend on a bus?
    Many districts attempt to limit the time en route to one hour, but there are situations because of the distances traveled, that is not possible to complete the trip within one hour. Districts are expected to provide economical and efficient transportation, and, therefore, will often transport to more than one school on a single trip.