How Absence Management Works

    1. Employees can enter an absence directly into the absence management via the toll free number (1-800-942-3767) or via the web by visiting  

    2. If the absence requires a sub, the system will work to fill it by calling qualified and available subs. Qualified subs will also be able to call absence management and view jobs online. Substitutes can log into the system through

    3. Once the absence is filled, the Administrator of the school can be notified via email. Administrators will also be able to view reports showing the status of all absences at their location by logging in to


How is Absence Management Used?

    • Employees 
      You are able to create absences in the system using either the phone or the internet.  You will also be able to view Absence Reason Balances, your schedule, leave feedback, and create a list of preferred substitutes. Click here for EMPLOYEE support documents


    • Substitutes 
      You are able to search for jobs 24/7 online and by calling into absence management.  You will also receive calls from the system when jobs are available.  Through the system, you are able to view your schedule, create non-work days, leave feedback, set calling preferences, and set preferences of where you want to work. Click here for SUBSTIUTE support documents


    • Campus User (Principals/Secretaries)
      In the absence management system, you are considered Campus Users.  You are able to log into the system online and view all absences tied to your school location.  Other functions such as absence approval, daily reports, and preferred substitutes are also available to you as well. Click here for CAMPUS USER support documents