Board Goals 2023-24

  • 2023-24 Board Goals

    To Ignite Learning...
    ● The Board is committed to provide equitable opportunities and resources so that all of our students
    graduate and are college and career ready. We are committed to fostering learning environments that
    promote student engagement, belonging and academic growth.

    To Cultivate Trust...
    ● The Board will oversee the development of a District operating budget and Capital Plan that
    provides appropriate resources for student success while responsibly managing the growth of the
    District’s tax levy.

    ● The Board will promote a trusting environment that engages our community and our families, and
    builds upon partnerships to support the district REACH 2027 Strategic Plan.

    ● The Board will promote a positive climate and culture that cultivates trust and supports a safe, secure
    teaching and learning environment to ignite the potential for all of our students, teachers and staff

    ● The Board will promote and continue to develop a strong governance team with the Superintendent,
    Cabinet and District leaders, including creating and revising policies as needed.

    To Expand Opportunities…
    ● The Board is committed to ensuring schools and departments receive resources, materials and
    personnel necessary to provide students greater access to rigorous and enriching learning