About Special Education

  • The Office of Pupil Personnel Services is committed to meeting the diverse needs (Academic, Social, Physical and Management) of students receiving special education services. Special education is individualized or group instruction, special services or programs, specifically designed for each child. It is the goal of the Greece Central School District to provide the necessary supports and services to students in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). In order to meet each student's individual needs and ensure success in their educational program, the Committee on Special Education (CSE) will make recommendations regarding the identification, evaluation, and programming for children who require special education services.

    The Greece Central School District provides a robust continuum of services, supports and resources in order to ensure the success of each student. In addition to K-12 general education classes and services there are approximately 32 Special Education programs and related services available at both the elementary and secondary levels.

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    Office of Pupil Personnel Services

    Greece Central School District
    P.0. Box 300
    North Greece, NY 14515


    Stacey Brindisi
    Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    (585) 966-2446

    Kathleen Harrison
    Secretary to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    (585) 966-2349


    Samantha Cook
    Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    for Arcadia Middle, Arcadia High, Buckman Heights, Holmes Road
    (585) 966-2477


    Emily Guarino
    Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    for English Village, Lakeshore, Longridge, Odyssey
    (585) 966-2475


    Brian Kurdziel
    Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    for Athena Middle, Athena High, Autumn Lane, Brookside, Craig Hill
    (585) 966-2451


    Lori Ruggeri
    Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    for Olympia, Paddy Hill, Pine Brook, West Ridge, Phoenix Academy, Transition Programs  
    (585) 966-2391


    Gail Bigg
    Secretary to the Assistant Directors of Pupil Personnel Services
    (585) 966-2439

    Emily Lathers

    Coordinator of Special Education

    for Out of District Programs
    (585) 966-2346


    Karen D'Angelo
    Coordinator of Special Education

    for Charter and Private/Parochial Schools
    (585) 966-2346

    Marissa Alonzo
    Secretary to Coordinators of Special Education
    (585) 966-2433

    Sue-Ellen Stacey
    Teacher on Special Assignment: Chairperson, Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)
    (585) 966-2116


    Rebecca Hibbard
    Secretary to the Chairperson, Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)
    (585) 966-2432


    Julie Tewksbury 
    IEP Direct Specialist
    (585) 966-2342


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