Freshman Information

  • Freshman Office Staff:  Room 243

    Mr. David Hoffman, Assistant Principal (966-4163)

    Mrs. Jule Dieter, Unit Office Secretary (966-4162)

    Mrs. Karen Warner, Unit Office Teacher Aide (966-4265)


    Counselors:  Room 107/109


    Mrs. Sara Giacalone - last names A - Go (966-4050)

    Mr. David Carletta - last names Gr - O (966-4058)

    Mrs. Nicole Berardo-Nitsch - last names P - Z (966-4053) 


    Freshman Class Advisors:


    Mrs. Ashley Baker

    Mr. James Kinsella

    Mrs. Jennifer Swan


     IC Passwords:

    Infinite Campus passwords will not be reset this year.  If a student cannot remember their password have them follow the instructions below:

     Forgot your Infinite Campus password????


    1. Go on the Internet (not on the IC app)
    2. Go to

              If on a computer – scroll down the page to the Infinite Campus link

              If on their phone – click on menu, popular links, Infinite Campus

    1. Enter your username (always your lunch number)
    2. Click on Forgot Password
    3. Enter your username again
    4. Click continue
    5. An e-mail will be sent to your Greece Google mail.  It may take 15 minutes or longer to receive this e-mail.
    6. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to reset your password.


    For more information, click on below:

     2018-2019 ABC Calendar