Greece Athena Mental Health Department


    Mental Health Center
    Room 107 & 109
    Phone: 585-966-4044 
    Fax:  585-581-8163

    Greece Central School District school counselors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement. Incorporating leadership, advocacy and collaboration, school counselors work to promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all students. School counselors support a safe learning environment and work to safeguard the basic human rights of all members of our school community. Collaborating with other stakeholders to promote student achievement, school counselors address the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programs that are a part of a comprehensive school counseling program.

    We provide assistance with: 
    High school planning, course selection, career exploration, college planning, conflict resolution, social and emotional support, academic intervention, goal setting, development of healthy coping skills, and stress management strategies.

    We work collaboratively with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community to meet our school goals.
    1) Build and sustain a school-wide culture that is conducive for learning
    2) Actively monitor student credit attainment to ensure graduation
    3) Prepare our students to be college and career ready

    Counseling Office Staff:  Room 107 & 109
    Ms. Clement, Counseling Secretary (966-4044)

    For transcript requests, please call Paula Clement at 966-4044

    Records Release

    9th and 11th Grade: (last names)

    Ms. Tasia Ortiz:                   A-Go (966-4057)
    Mr. Dave Carletta:              Gr-P  (966-4058)
    TBD:                                   Q-Z   (966-4053)

    10th and 12th Grade:  (last names)

    Mrs. Sara Giacalone:   A-K (966-4050)
    Mrs. Katie Ballard:       L-Z  (966-4054)

    School Social Workers

    Tricia Snyder (966-4051)

    Kelly Lincoln (966-4177)


    School Psychologists

    James Vreeland (966-4075)

    Beth Curtis (966-4164)