General Information

  • Athena High College & Career Center
    Room 102 
    Sheryl Hugh 


    Students are encouraged to visit the College and Career Center in Room 102.  It is housed with various information regarding the college application process, college scholarships, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. 


    For the following information, please see below:


    Authorization to Release Records. Documentation that is required by colleges (ie. Transcripts, recommendation letters, test scores) cannot be sent without a signed authorization. This also applies to anyone who is registering with the NCAA.  Click here:  Authorization to Release Records


    Request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation. You should give one of these to each teacher you are requesting a letter from along with a copy of your Brag Sheet (from Naviance).  Click here:  Request for Letter of Recommendation


    Step by Step instructions on filling out your applications and working through Naviance for college applications.  Click here: Step by Step Instructions


    Gold Tracking Sheet. When you are done filling out your applications, please fill out and submit this sheet to Mrs. Hugh in the College and Career Center. Use one sheet per college. This is our way of keeping track of all documentation that needs to be sent to your colleges. Without this sheet, we have no way of knowing what needs to be done for your applications or exactly where you have applied!  Click here:  Gold Tracking Sheet


    Senior Conference Ticket is used when you visit with your Counselor regarding your future plans.  Click here: Senior Conference Ticket.

    College and Career Guide goes into detail about the college application process along with financial aid, NCAA, and career paths. This is the link for the booklet: College and Career Guide.