Student Supports

    There are five main services at Phoenix. Social-emotional learning and mental health support is embedded in all settings at Phoenix.

    1. Phoenix Academy as a social/emotional program 

    This program is for students in grades 7-12. Students in middle school or high school may be placed at Phoenix if they are disengaged at their home school building. Phoenix is a trauma sensitive program that offers a smaller, supportive community for students who may be suffering from anxiety and/or depression, have poor grades, or may not be attending school. This program offers a caring and specialized staff who foster authentic relationships, build in social and emotional structures and teach goal setting to identify and overcome barriers with the intent of providing an equitable education leading to graduation.  Home schools and Phoenix must go through a problem solving process in order for students to attend the Phoenix Academy (see links below).  

    1. TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion- formerly GED) – Students that have turned 17, that meet certain criteria and have permission from Phoenix Administration, their Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, may be eligible to work towards their TASC high school equivalency diplom The decision to pursue TASC is decided through the problem-solving process. *Students with an IEP have additional steps to be taken in collaboration with the Department of Special Education (see process link above). Students attending TASC will continue to have the opportunity to earn credits towards a high school diploma while pursuing the TASC in alignment with New York State Common Core and TASC standards. TASC students remain enrolled in their homeschool and Phoenix Academy until completion of TASC.  
    1. Re-Engagement Center (REC) at the Phoenix Academy: Students in grades 6-12 that are suspended from their building for 5 days or more may attend the Re-Engagement Center during their suspension.  If a student is there for 6-19 days, a referral form must be filled out by the building and sent over to the Re-Engagement Center for an intake. For more than 20 days, in addition to the referral form, a PAF (Pupil Action Form) is completed and sent to district office for processing. Phoenix teachers are the teachers of record if a student is assigned to the program for 20 or more days of school. Sixth grade homeschool teachers remain teacher of record for suspended sixth graders. Note there may be additional high school courses for which the homeschool must remain teacher of record (e.g. Business Law, Automotive, etc.). 

     Students who are placed in the Re-Engagement Center through a Principal, Special Education Director or Superintendent’s request and are not suspended fall under the same guidelines as a suspended student.  

     Three sessions are available for student placement. Determination of each student’s time     for instruction will be determined by the Phoenix Academy Building Administrators.

    • 8am - 11am (LTS AM)
    • 11am - 2pm (LTS PM)
    • 2pm - 4pm (LTS Twilight) 
    1. Short Term tutoring – Students that are suspended for five school days attend a short term tutoring center at Phoenix Academy. Work must be provided from the home school during this time. Students will attend a two-hour afternoon session from 2:00-4:00.  
    1. Twilight 

    Twilight and Credit Recovery are embedded within the program as options for long term suspended students, students on short term tutoring (5 day suspension)  and students who are placed within the social/emotional program. Students in grades 6-12 who have fallen behind in credits and/or have skill deficiencies, who have individual challenges, who have medical conditions, may have children, a job, or who have not been successful in a traditional secondary school setting, may take credit recovery classes at Phoenix. The curriculum standards are identical to the standards established in the Greece Central School District, but are individualized in the delivery. The credit recovery work meets the graduation requirements, with a primary focus on the specific needs of individual students. The teachers at Phoenix are the teachers of record if the student will remain in the program for 20 or more days of school. Students may also stay after school for the twilight program for extra assistance in recovering credits.

    FuelEd is utilized as our means of digital learning (online study). FuelEd provides students with a list of standards-based online courses, content and assessments which is used to demonstrate mastery of the learning outcome for the subject.   

    • Twilight - Twilight is from 2pm – 4pm.   Students can recover failing grades, skill build and take exams during Twilight.  
    • Credit Recovery – Students are able to recover previous courses or quarters that were taken in order to recover credits in our program. 
    1. 1:1 Tutoring

    Eligibility of 1:1 Tutoring for students will be determined by the Director of Special   Education, Medical Director and/or the Director of Student Services.