About Olympia

  • Olympia believes in cultivating an environment that maximizes the potential of every child. Our faculty and staff are committed to developing trusting relationships with students, families, and community partners in an effort to provide a robust educational experience.

    Academically, Olympia offers a wide variety of accelerated courses through Advanced Placement (AP), Early College High School, Dual Enrollment, Project Lead the Way, and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). Each of these programs—accessible to every Spartan—provide the opportunity to earn college credit through partnerships with the CollegeBoard, Monroe Community College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and The College at Brockport. Additionally, Olympia’s academic intervention systems are designed to meet a range of individual needs, with the goal of maximizing learning for ALL students.

School History

  • Olympia opened in September, 1959. The name Olympia was chosen because of its association with ancient Greece. The fact that Mt. Olympus was the mythological dwelling place of the gods was not lost on the School Board who chose the name. The name of Spartans for the athletic teams comes from the Greek city-state of Sparta, the strongest and most courageous city-state.

    The school colors symbolize a merging of the two junior high schools of that the time, Britton Road School (which was on the site of the Dewey Avenue Wegmans), whose colors were green and white, and Hoover Drive School, whose colors where maroon and gold. One color was selected from each junior high - green and gold.

    Timeline of our Founding   

    3/20/54-H.S. needs discussed 

    3/10/55-H.S. proposed

    1/17/56-Myron White named Principal 

    4/05/56-H.S. vote 

    8/29/57-Construction bids opened

    12/26/57-H.S. progress & planning course of study

    3/27/58-H.S. naming contest

    4/1/58-Doug Ladd hired as the first teacher

    5/01/58-Construction started

    5/08/58-Olympia H.S. named Summer of '58
                 Paul Fauth 1st Athletic Director
                 Spartans, Green & Gold was chosen

    8/06/59-Olympia opens

    11/25/59-Olympia dedicated

    6/29/61-Olympia graduates first class

  • Olympia School
    1139 Maiden Lane
    Rochester, NY 14615
    (585) 966-5000

    Grades: 6-12
    Hours: 7:20 a.m.-2:05 p.m.


    Bell Schedule  Regular Days 

    Period 1: 7:20- 8:24

    Period 2: 8:29- 9:23

    Period 3: 9:28 - 10:22

    (Lunch 1: 10:27-10:57)

    (Lunch 2: 11:26-11:56)

    (Lunch 3: 12:01-12:31)

    (Lunch 4: 12:36- 1:06)

    Period 4: 10:27- 10:57

    Period 5: 11:02 - 11:21

    Period 6: 11:26 -11:56

    Period 7: 12:01 -12:31

    Period 8: 12:36 -1:06

    Period 9: 1:11 - 2:05


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