About Arcadia Middle School

  • Typical School Day

    7:20-8 a.m.  Early Morning Activities

    8:05 a.m.-2:50 p.m.  Regular School Day

    2:55-3:30 p.m.  After School Activities

    Our Mission
    We, the greater Arcadia Community, are dedicated to educational excellence, assisting all students in developing their talents, abilities, and interests. Our mission is to support and engage students in becoming knowledgeable, caring, productive, and responsible citizens in a global community.

    Our Vision

    • a safe and productive environment that provides rigorous and relevant learning and supportive relationships
    • students actively engaged in learning the knowledge and skills they need to take responsibility for their lives, to address life's challenges, to function successfully at all levels of society, and to be creators of knowledge everyone values, accepts, and respects each other
    • strong partnership between parents/caregivers, the community, and the school

    Our Values

    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Service
    • Growth
    • Celebration