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Greece Central Has a New Logo, Brand Mark

For the first time since 1999, the Greece Central School District has a new logo.

Approved by the Board of Education on February 12, the new logo features a more modern, readable design that honors the past by using the same font and the same blue color as the previous logo. We have done away with the “Student Learning is the Goal” tagline in favor of our “One Vision, One Team, One Greece” mantra. 

For the first time, Greece Central also has a brand mark, which is defined as the element of a brand that gives an emotional cue to constituents. The bold “G” signifies unity and was introduced as part of the Reimagine Greece campaign.

The transition to our new logo will be gradual. It has already been added to our website and district documents. Other items that bear the logo, like staff uniforms, for example, will be updated as they wear out to avoid unnecessary expenses.

While the logo gives Greece Central a new public appearance, our rebranding effort actually began in 2017 with a deeper look at what we value. That resulted in the adoption of the Envision Greece 2022 Strategic Plan. Our rebranding effort expanded in 2018 with the Reimagine Greece capital project campaign.

A logo is a small part of what defines the Greece Central
School District. More importantly, our “brand” is what we want
parents, staff, students, and community members to feel when
they think about Greece Central.

Ultimately, our work to Reimagine Greece is about expanding
people’s positive association with our schools.