• In an effort to celebrate the incredible staff we have in our district and to make connections across our entire system, we wanted to highlight some of the phenomenal people who are making a difference in our schools and communities. Getting to Know Greece will be a monthly feature that will introduce you to Greece staff members serving in a variety of roles and responsibilities across the district. In each short vignette, you will hear about who the staff member is, what they do, their life's journey, and what motivates them on a daily basis.   
    Our latest installment features Stephanie Rago, the District's Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator. Prior to working in the district, Stephanie worked for an outside agency that provided substance abuse support and services to the Greece CSD and its students.  She enjoyed working with the people and students of Greece so much that she decided to join our district and is currently in her 6th year.  In addition to her love for the outdoors and enjoying trips to the beach with her family, Stephanie says that the hope of connecting with people and the hope of trying to help someone in need, especially when it comes to the students, is all the motivation she needs.  Her commitment to helping students who are facing challenging times become productive, healthy, and happy is what makes her a wonderful asset to Greece.                 

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