When to Report

  • In order to clarify employee expectations during school closures, Greece Central School District uses a three-tiered closing structure. 

    Level 1 Closure: A majority of non-instructional employees will be expected to report to work at their normal time and work a full day. Of course your safety is our main concern. Please contact your supervisor to inform him or her if you will be late due to driving conditions.

    Level 2 Closure: Closed to all but essential staff.

    Level 3 Closure:
    Closed to all employees.

    Click on the emergency school closing chart below for a more detailed explanation of the closing levels by union. If you have questions about what is expected of you in the event of a school closure, please speak with your direct supervisor.

Update Your Contact Information

  • In order to ensure you receive school closing notifications from our automated calling system, the Department of Human Resources needs your most current contact information. If your contact information has changed, please complete a “Name/Address/Telephone Change Form” and mail to Human Resources so we may update your contact information. This form is also available in school main offices.

    Click here for Change Form



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