COVID Return to Play Guidelines

  • Current Process for Athletic Return to Play Following COVID-19 Infection
    New guidance released by the American Academy of Pediatrics on January 28, 2022 allows for a Return to Play after a minimum 5-day isolation period providing the student’s symptoms have resolved and the student has been fever-free for at least 24 hours. Following the 5-day isolation period, all student athletes must complete a self assessment and attestation form to be signed by their guardian and submitted to their school nurse. Following their 5-day isolation period, students who had mild or no symptoms will use a gradual 3-day progression to Return to Play. 

    • Day 1: Light practice
    • Day 2: Full practice
    • Day 3: Resume normal activity, including participation in athletic contests

    Students with more severe symptoms are required to be seen by their personal medical provider before returning to play. The district will follow any written medical orders. Your provider will determine when it is safe for you to return to play, so in these instances it may take longer.