Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for services?  
    Services at the Family Support Center (FSC) are available to families with a school-aged child who live within the Greece Central School District residency lines. The goal of the FSC is to remove non-academic barriers to learning. Therefore, we work with families where a child has been identified as having social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties in school. Children do not have to attend a Greece school, as long as their primary guardian resides within the Greece District.

    What is the referral process?
    Families can call the FSC and refer themselves. Our secretary will take some initial information over the phone. An intake appointment will be set up with the coordinator. This appointment includes more information gathering and deciding together what services might be appropriate.

    Greece Central staff members can refer families by completing a “Request for Services” form and sending it to the FSC via interoffice mail. This form can be downloaded from this website at the “forms” section. Staff members MUST speak to the family before making a referral. The FSC secretary will then call the family to arrange an intake appointment.

    Is there a cost for services?
    No. Services are free of charge.

    When are you open?
    The Family Support Center is open Mondays-Thursdays from 4-8 p.m. We follow the school calendar and are closed during school holidays and summer vacation.  We will also be closed if there is a snow day in the Greece Central School District. If you would like to leave a message when the Center is closed, feel free to do so on our confidential voicemail.

    Will my child receive a mental health evaluation?
    No. The Family Support Center is not a mental health center.  Children, teens and adults who are seeking a mental health diagnosis and/or medication are not appropriate for the FSC.  The Center provides short-term family counseling rather than long-term intensive treatment. Our website can be helpful when seeking such mental health services.

    Do you work with families where domestic violence is an issue?
    The FSC will work with the family members who are victims of the abuse, however, we will not work with the perpetrator. Our Center is a safe, nonthreatening environment, and we do not conduct counseling that could be potentially intimidating to some of the parties involved. Other community agencies offer specific counseling programs for perpetrators of domestic violence.

    Do you provide marital counseling?
    No, however, we do believe that marital conflict has an effect on the entire family unit, and we will address this issue, along with parenting concerns, through the context of family counseling when appropriate.

    Are there other services at the Family Support Center besides family counseling?
    Yes! We provide FREE workshops on a variety of topics. We also provide linkage to services. If there are particular services that we do not provide, we can assist families with connecting to outside resources. 

    Is the counseling at the Family Support Center confidential?
    Yes. The counselors will not communicate with the school or outside providers without the written consent of the family. Certain exceptional circumstances may override this policy. Workshops and discussion groups will be conducted on the same principle, and the FSC staff will uphold confidentiality. The Center, however, cannot guarantee the actions of non-staff members in a group setting.

    Still have a question? Give us a call at 966-4471.