Tips for Using Naviance

  • Click to Login to Naviance


    Log into your account: Click here for Odyssey Naviance Login

    Enter the schools zip code:  14615

    Email Address:  your email address

    Password: your 6 digit student ID

    (This is how your account was originally set-up. If you changed your password, you must enter that)

    Click on Colleges Tab - Click on Colleges I’m thinking About - If you have colleges in your list that you will applying to select the colleges and then click Move to Application List.  If you do not have any there, Click on "Colleges I’m Applying to".

    Complete Privacy Notice – You will not have to do this if you did it on your common application.  It is highly recommend you check YES to waive your rights to access to your letters. If you don’t click YES colleges may disregard your letter. Click YES to have your records released.

    Enter your Common App. Username and your Common App. Password EXACTLY as you entered it in when you created your Common App. Account.  This allows the Common App. to sync to Naviance.  If you did not use Common App, leave this blank.

    Click on “Add to this list”.

    Click on “Lookup” to add a college to your list.

    Search for your college (also can search for NCAA).

    Click on the school and add decision type.  If you are apply Early Decision mark it here!

    Answer Yes or No whether you used the Common Application or not. 

    IMPORTANT Continue this process for all your colleges. You can always remove or add more later. 

    WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED ADDING, go to the bottom of the page and CLICK “ADD COLLEGES

    NEXT Request Transcripts:

    Click “request transcript”

    Check the boxes next to the school to which you would like your transcripts sent.  

    When you are done checking the boxes, go to the bottom of the page and CLICK “Request Transcripts”

    You will see a confirmation that your request has been submitted.   

    NEXT Request TEACHER Letter of Recommendation:


    THERE IS NO ELECTRONIC REQUEST FOR YOUR COUNSELOR.  The completion of the Know Me Recommend Me packet along with your notification to the College Coordinator after you have electronically submitted your applications is the process for your counselor to write your Counselor Letter of Recommendation.

    Still under the “Colleges Tab” and “Colleges I’m apply to” scroll down to: Teacher Recommendation – Do Not Do This until you have added your colleges as stated above! 

    Click “Add/Cancel Request”

    Select Teacher (Not your Counselor – they send theirs automatically if you have completed your Know Me Recommend Me)

    Add a personal: Thank them and remind them to go to Naviance to upload your letter of recommendation. (REMEMBER YOU MUST ASK TEACHERS FACE TO FACE IF THEY WILL DO YOUR LETTER PRIOR TO SENDING THIS REQUEST)  

    Click “Update Requests” when done.  Follow the progress of your app under office status column in "Colleges I’m Applying to"


    If you need any help at all see Ms. Quackenbush, College & Career Coordinator, in Room 225 (966-5244)!